Monday, 22 May 2017

AUSTRIAN town refuses to accept any more Muslim refugees since Muslim refugees brutally gang raped a 15-year-old girl.

Two of the rapists are from Somalia, one from Afghanistan. This is the kind of “cultural enrichment” that Muslim so-called ‘refugees’ are bringing to the West. Police say nothing. But that’s not all…

CANADA: Senior citizens being displaced from retirement housing to make room for illegal alien Muslim fake refugees.

All at taxpayer expense of course.

The vast majority of these fake Muslim refugees are young single men, NOT families. And many of them are coming up from Minnesotastan…not exactly a war zone…yet.

European Union threatening to charge Poland 250,000 Euros for EVERY Muslim fake refugee they refuse to take in

The EU is demanding that Poland accept thousands of Muslim freeloaders, rapists, and jihadists by the end of June…or else these tough economic sanctions will be imposed. Even so, the Polish leaders believe that paying the fines will still be cheaper than the cost of taking in dangerous and welfare-dependent Muslims.

Saudi King breaks longstanding Islamic sharia tradition for Melania Trump.

As Melania Trump set foot on Saudi soil, the king shook her hand, a gesture that shattered Muslim traditions in which men do not shake the hands of women. The 81-year-old king appeared at the airport in Riyadh to welcome the Trumps, and cast custom to the winds as he did so.

Inquisitr  The king not only extended his hand to President Trump but also to the first lady. This is a nation where shaking a woman’s hand is virtually unheard of. Ivanka Trump and her husband also accompanied her father and Melania on this trip, and the king’s hand was extended to Ivanka as well as Melania.

In this quarter of Paris, French women dare not go alone.

Gee, I wonder why?